Friday, November 21, 2008

Life On Crazy

SPOILER ALERT!! I will be talking about more specific things in this post than I normally do. If you have not watched Life on Mars yet, PLEASE get your ass in gear and watch this show. It started off good and has only gotten better.

Ok, things are getting weird, and by weird I mean totally awesome. What is going on?!? It seemed that Sam was most likely in some hospital bed in 2008 having a coma hallucination. They kept us guessing but that seemed like the most plausible explanation for Sam's time displacement. Recent events have made this early assumption less and less likely. Characters are popping up who seem to have information about Sam's predicament.

First there was the young black girl whose things were in the hidden shoebox that Sam expected to find his own things in. This same young girl was the one who led Sam to his mother by singing a song from his childhood. She was also the girl who fell to her death and almost started a race war. The last time that we see her, she is with a second odd character. The old man/bum, who talks to Sam as if he knows what is happening, is only in one episode but he gets the new theory ball rolling. Sam could still just be imagining all of this, but it is starting to seem like there are other forces at work. This brings us to last night's episode.

The episode was really good. It explained what happened to Sam's Dad and helped to explain why Sam is the way that he is. The first 95% was great, but it was the last few minutes that were completely amazing. Sam starts to figure out that all of the cases that he worked on are leading him to something. He discovers an address and when he gets there he finds a place that is a cross between the Evil Dead house and the Black Lodge from Twin Peaks. The phone rings and a mysterious voice tells him that he needs to go to the basement. The end.

Holy Cliffhanger!!!! I can't wait until next...w.e..e..k.... WHAT? New episodes return January 28th. AAAHHHHH. I know, a bit over-dramatic, but the end of January cannot get here fast enough. This is very good news because it means that ABC has picked up the show and we will get to see what is in the basement. Good news part 2: January 28th is a Wednesday. That means a Lost, Life on Mars combo for that night. Very cool.

What's in the basement?!?!
Who is the voice on the other end of the line?
Why does the chess game on the table of the "Evil Lodge"(as good a name as any) have all black pieces?
What the hell is really going on with Sam?
Let me know if you have any theories. We have two months to think it over.


Unknown said...

You left out the fact that he saw himself lying in a hospital in a coma via a 1970s soap opera. So the coma theory is still viable. As is the purgatory theory that they have hinted at on the show. I think it is probably a combination of the two. His body is alive while his "soul" or whatever you want to call it is stuck between two planes of existence. Life and death. The real question is, why?

Anonymous said...

The real question is: Who the hell cares? This show should be called "Life on Never Getting Laid."

I mean.....I am inclined to thik that the writers are forcing the viewer into a direction that the character is currently in a state of "purgatory". Yet, I do not think we should assume this is a biblical, dead-space limbo that we all have preassumed ideas and notions about. (Although our assumption of what purgatory in the classical sene pretains to may actually be helpful to the writers.)

The series of events that have transpired so far may in fact have been manifested in a mind-forged purgatory that has been specifically tailored for our character by the character himself. If his mind truely is the stage where these events are transpiring and this is a self-manifested purgatory than anything is possible seeing as his mind would be the only force capable of setting boundries.

Chuck Power said...

Good points guys. I probably should have explained myself better.
I am aware that the coma and hallucinations are the most "realistic" solutions. I'm hoping that the show is going in a more original and creative direction. The idea of an insidious force that is controlling or using Sam is much more interesting to me. I do like the idea that he is in some kind of limbo. Perhaps he is being tested in some way or for some other purpose.
At the end of this, I don't think that any of us want to find out that the 125 is in a snow globe and they are all in the imagination of an autistic child. Or even worse, Sam wakes up and finds Patrick Duffy coming out of his shower.
I am very curious about where this show is going, but I am also enjoying the ride. I'm glad to see that other people are thinking about the possibilities of this show.

Side Note: Sam did get laid. It was a prostitute who was sent to set him up, and he was on a on an acid trip, but he did get laid.