Friday, October 16, 2009

A Serious Conversation About Football.

This represents a pretty typical conversation between myself, my wife, and my brother-in-law. This particular piece of intellectual genius was sparked by seeing yet another annoying post game press conference by Terrell Owens. We are Eagles fans, so we did our time, but Buffalo has really hit the jackpot. They have all the annoying drama without any of the on-field production. Man that must really suck.
Anyway, the conversation went something like this. I may not be completely accurate with who said what, but you'll get the idea.

Me: I hate TO, Buffalo must be so pissed that they got themselves into this mess.

Ash: Didn't he try to kill himself before? He must really feel like shit now.

Max: They need to do everything to finally put him over the edge. They should tell him that Buffalo is renaming the waste treatment plant after him.

Ash: Except they would call it the shit processing plant of the greater Buffalo area.

Max: Yeah, the reporter would be like, "T.O., did you hear that Buffalo named the shit processing plant after you?" T.O. would say, "Don't you mean the waste treatment plant?" Reporter, "ummmm, no. They changed the name to the Terrell Owens Shit Processing Plant." T.O., "oh......"

Me: Yeah, but in hopes of his inevitable suicide attempt they would actually name it the Terrell Owens Memorial Shit Processing Plant.

Ash: That's too long, it needs an acronym.

Me: It spells TOM'S P.P.

All: LOL (I don't think that most people actually LOL when they say LOL, but this struck us as funny and we did LOL.)

Ash: That will be the new name on his jersey.

Max: His new number will be 1&2. (And yes, Max did specify that it would include an ampersand)

That's pretty much the way that all of our conversations end up going, but this one struck me as particularly ridiculous.


Tussin Wolf said...

Hell yeah bitches...the blog is back.

Just so you know, there is already a "Terrell Owens Shit Processing Plant" right outside of Philadelphia. It used to be called Ollie Gators.

Hey yooooo. Where's my rim shot?

POWASH said...


Chuck Power said...

Tussin Wolf:
WOW! I think your comment was the funniest part of that story. Way to keep it rolling.

Gorilla Shark said...

Tussin Wolf wins.

Joan Crawford said...

TOM'S P.P. - Hahaha!

Kevin said...

ha! goodstuff